Wetland 2

Wetland 2 will be located approximately 2.5 kilometers west from Västankvarn’s management offices in an area that is not being used for agricultural purposes. Following a similar outline as Wetland 1 for the design of its shape and contours, the water surface area of Wetland 2 is of approximately 1.1 hectares. The main difference of this wetland is that it receives nutrient rich waters from a ditch that drains the farming fields of a neighboring farm located north from the wetland. This shouldn’t be of any concern to this project since the environment does not discriminate who owns the place where the runoff waters are coming from nor where the ecosystem service that is provided by the wetland is held, as long as the nutrients are captured and the eutrophication of nearby coastal areas is reduced. This being said, it is of great importance for the project to contact all stakeholders involved in the catchment areas of both wetlands. For Wetland2, the catchment area corresponds to 260 hectares and it is represented in the image below by the perimeter colored with yellow.

In the image below, the excavation contours of Wetland 2 are represented by the yellow color. The water surface area starts in the light green colored area and the submerged contours of the wetland are represented by the different shades of green which gradually turn into different shades of blue and purple as they become deeper. Both wetlands will have a maximum submerged depth of 90 cm and a minimum submerged depth of 30 cm.