Hernán Abad Ortega, Novia

The Västankvarn Wetland project consists of the construction of 2 wetlands and the possible improvement of the farming terrain of a specific area that is partially flooded throughout the year. The main purpose of the construction of these wetlands is to create a “biogeological” system that captures the escaping excesses of nutrients (also known as nutrient runoff) that come from agricultural activities in the nearby areas. In this way the wetland systems will prevent an important amount of nutrients from reaching the coastlines in the Raseborg area, helping to prevent its eutrophication and at the same time, creating ecosystems that will allow diverse types of lifeforms (microorganisms, fish, aquatic plants, birds, etc…) to flourish. To select the possible sites where the wetlands could be constructed, I had an on-site meeting at Västankvarn with the current farm manager Mikael Jern and the previous manager Torsten Lindqvist. Thanks to the knowledge that they provided me, we could choose 2 sites that were optimal according to their geographic location and also realistic according to the farm´s interests. Taking into consideration these aspects we developed a project that provides benefits both to the farm and to the environment.