The ecological and chemical state for lakes, rivers and coastal waters are classified in Finland. In the ecological state evaluation the surface waters are classified either as very good, good, satisfied, acceptable and bad. The biological quality features are notified in making the ecological state classification. In the biological quality state they compare the alges, plants and animal states to such circumstances where human activities not has any visual influence.

In the evaluation they pay also attention to the water chemical quality features  such as total nutirent values, acidity and depth visuality. Hydromorphological features such as winter water surface and trek obstacles are also included in the evaluation. Wetlands increase water protection and gives more diversity. Wetlands capture nutrient run-off from the cathment area.

Tarvaala wetland model learning environment was developed during the project. Water quality analyses were carried out during the project. Västankvarn educational farm worked out a wetland plan and information on support concerning wetlands were also described. Restoration of Valkeisjärvi lake was described. Automatic water measurements were carried out at Koivikko educational farm in Muhos.