Nutrient balances tells about how efficient nutrients are used at the farm. It is whortwhile to follow the balances several years and also on plot level. The key factor in all balances are measurements and through that getting reliable data. You can for example calculate balances with all nutrients coming to the farm and all nutrients going away from the farm. 

Composting is when organic material is decomposted by small microbs in an anaerobic condition and then the temperature rises. By carrying out composting you can promote the use of manure as fertiliser and soil improvement material. You can make a compost in a pile or in special compost reactors. The compost method is good both for dry manure and also for slurry that has been absorbed into for example peat.

Koivikko, Korpi, Mustiala, Peltosalmi, Tarvaala and Tuorla educational farms calculated nutrient balances on serveral different levels. Nitrogen and phosphorous cycles for Mustiala eduactional farm was calculated and drawn as figures. At Västankvarn gård a compost trial was carried out with straw rich horse manure. Drone helicpoters were used in analysing field yields and distribution of nutrients. Soil health was studies. TEHO project developed an environmental test for farms. A pedagogical learning process on how water issues were integrated with soil issues at HAMI Vocational Collage was described. A course named Nutrient and Energy Efficient Farm was carried out summer 2018 at Savonia University of Applied Sciences.