In the project Carbon, Nutrient and Energy Efficient Farm we tried several new technolgy in order to improve the nutrient and energy efficiency at farms. The educational farms or educational institutions that carried out the trials are mentioned belowe:

  1. With a 360° camera you can cover a large area, for example a field. This technology was used in describing Mustiala educational farm field plots.
  2. With the eGauge measuring system you can get information on different machinery electricity use. The system fits cow, pig and hen stables. The system is in use at Koivikko, Korpi (Ilmajoki), Erkkilä, Tarvaala and Västankvarn educational farms.
  3. Leaf inex measuring HAD -YL6 Chlorophyl-meter measures nitrogen, temperature and leaf green index. With this you can see how well your fertiliser has been utilised by the plant. This technolgy was used at Peltosalmi educational farm.
  4. Grainsense measures the protein, oil and carbon content as well as the humidity in grain. With this technology you can measure your fodder nutrient content. It is good for all farms that cultivate cereals. Grainsense is used at Tuorla, Korpi (Ilmajoki), Koivikko and Mustiala educational farms.
  5. With a DJI Phantom 4 Pro-drone NIR-camera you can take aero photos of your fields. By the help of these images you can for example forecast your future yields. The drone has been tested at Ilmajoki and Mustiala educational farms.
  6. Vehicle scales were purchased HT9800-HD7P. By using a vehicle scale you get information about your yields, for example your green fodder yields. Vehicle scales are in use at Mustiala and Tarvaala educational farms.
  7. You can use water quality measurement systems in order to get information about the water quality. You can for example measure the amount and quality of drainage water. Sensors are put in the terrain. Water quality measurments have been carried out at Koivikko and Mustiala educational farms.
  8. An automatic water quality measurment system is in use at Tarvaala educational farm wetland. With this technology you get information about the water amount and quality that come into the wetland. Sensors are put in the terrain.