Rural enterprises needs a lot of energy. Fossile fuels are used in field cultivation. Farm enterprises use a lof of technolgy. The energy use is dependent on the age of the machinery and how well they have been taken care of. Machinery use and logistics are important when we talk about enery efficiency. Cow stables have robots for feeding, systems taking away manure, milking stations and milk cooler systems. The use of light in animal buildings is an other cost. Morover there are several small machineries that also need a lot of enery.

Erkkilä, Koivikko, Korpi (Ilmajoki), Peltosalmei, Tarvaala and Västankvarn educational farms have taken  into use eGauge metering system. eGauge energy metering system can measure the total energy use for example in a cow stable or for example a choosen machinery energy use (for example the energy use for light). There was made energy plans for all educational farms. In the energy plan you get compact information concerning the present use of energy, management of energy, suggestions for how energy can be used more efficiently and developing suggesions on use of renewable enery. The educational farms binded themselves to make furthur development actions and carry them out according to the activity resources available. The main aim is to start up a continouse energy efficience development. The energy plan work was financed by the rural development program 2014-2020. The field work was carrid out using Mavi Neuvo 2020 -farm advisory system accepted energy advisers. It is not possible to compare the different educational farm data as the circumstances, way of measurement and book-keeping are very different.

A Top-Down analyse is when the energy amounts used in the production and amount of produced products are compared. Only the bought energy  and the products sold from the farm are studied. When you compare energy got from a product with the energy used to produce the product you get the energy quota. In a Bottom-Up analysis you try to find out how much energy each activity or work phase use. When you find out what is using the most energy you can also carry out development activities related to this. As a result you get the biggest benefit.

eGauge measurment system data was collected from educational farms. The energy plans and measurements of energy efficiency were analysed. At Tarvaala educational farm they collected data on fuel use and analysed it. Energy plans were done at Erkkilä, Tuorla, Tarvaala, Koivikko, Peltosalmi, Mustiala, Korpi and Västankvarn educational farms.