Biogas come from the activities of different micro-organisms when they decompose biomass under anaerobic conditions. Biogas is produced in a biogas reactor. In the reactor prevails anaerobic conditions, a temperature suitable for the decomposition and it may also have some machinery that mix the biomass. Suitable raw material for biogas production are such biomaterials that decomposes pretty fast.  Wooden materials are not suitable for biogas production as they are slowly decomposting materials.

In the project Carbon, Nutrient and Energy Efficiency there was collected information about biogas used as energy source, refining biogas for fuel and biogas use in Finland. There was collected information about what kind of raw materials can be used in biogas production and done trials on how to determin the metan production potential from biomaterial. Tuorla educational farm biogas production was described. There was described how a tractor can be rebulilt to use biofuels.