Firm biofules are for example firewood, briquette, pellets, wooden chips, bark, sawdust, wood scraps, energy cereal etc. Bioenery do not increase carbon dioxide in the long run as the carbon that is released when you burn it will again be catched by growing biomass.

Firewood and wooden chips are the most common biofules used at farms in Finland. During the last years we have tried to increase the amount of wood used for fuels in order to reach our climate target goals. The burning of wooden chips has also increased as new burning technologies has spread. Straw is a side stream from agriculture and this can be used for producing energy. If one make pellets from straw one increace the energy efficiency of it and the logistics of it will be easier.

There are a lot of lakes and coast lines in Finland. Locally is therefor also lake reed, reed canary grass and wicker possible to use as raw materials for biofuels.

General information about using biofules such as fire wood, wood scraps, wooden chips and straw were described in the project. A case of burning fresh wood was described, where it turned out that this may give a higher energy efficiensy in larger heating centrals. Västankvarn and Tarvaala educational farms has been developing the energy efficiency at their farms. Västankvarn energy solutions were described. Tarvaala Bioeconomy Institute Campus has been developing the use of sun energy.